Counseling Services

Marriage and couples

Marriage is not always easy. Even the strongest couples have obstacles. Our spouse may have hurt us or let us down. At the same time, our spouse may be the one who has been there for us the most, made us laugh, brought us joy, while providing the most space for our own growth. It is possible to navigate through the tough terrain of communication, conflict, stress and hurt. Your marriage can find a new space for love and intimacy. Together we will take an honest inventory of communication styles, conflict styles, unmet expectations, values, and hurtful triggers that are keeping you and your spouse from having the relationship you desire.


Family Therapy provides an opportunity to gain awareness of patterns of interaction, both present and generational. Every family has their strengths and their learned ways of coping to survive and protect itself. We will explore the good, the bad and the ugly. We take a deep dive into generational trauma, family conflict, family joy, family structure, and each member’s role. We will help you reconnect as a family, strengthen your bond, and learn how to be a family again.


Our style is tailored with a person-centered approach to fit the unique needs of the person who is sitting across from us. Our clients are at ease while creating a safe and judgement free environment as you explore your best self. If you are ready to change your life, grab your favorite drink, sit down with one of our wonderful therapists for a little while. Let’s talk about how you can get you to where you want to be. We can figure this out together.

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We utilize talk and/or play therapy focused on helping kids manage big emotions and behaviors like anxiety, sadness, fears, tantrums, aggression, school and social issues as well as feelings related to divorce and blended families. Your child will also grow to have greater self-esteem and confidence in who they are and where they are.

Adolescent and Teen

Adolescence is a time of natural transition that can be stressful and confusing to teens. This distress may present as changes in behavior, mood, social stress, parent conflict, and decision making. We are here to walk alongside you and your teen during this important time.